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Mobile Document Shredding – Get Rid of your Documents the Right Way

Well-designed document retention and destruction policy is a gift to industrial and commercial businesses that, if well utilized, can offer peace of mind, efficiency, and, most importantly, peace of mind. Also, these document destruction policies help keep companies stay compliant with state and federal regulations.

In this unpredictable situation, it is hard to keep up with all the state and federal rules and regulations. COVID-19 has shut down many businesses, but people are still working from home. That shows how important it is to keep on outsourcing the services.  And, at this point, putting full-stop after the document shredding services can prove to be a big mistake.

Shred It For Less Irvine can help not just in disposing of your documents but can also help in maintaining a schedule, picking up documents, and destroying documents – all in front of you. That is what our mobile document shredder services are designed for.

The right time for document cleanse:

Companies and people (working from home) are used to keeping records and other personal information (that should have been disposed of) for a long time. The simple thing that is hard to understand for them is – the more they wait to dispose of their documents, the bold the risk and challenge of maintaining document become.

  • Do you know that 90% of the identity theft cases have occurred because records and other important sensitive information contained documents are thrown into bins? The information on these documents usually contains the name, date of birth, permanent address, and bank account number. What an identity thief can do with this kind of information is beyond your imagination.
  • What seems to be the safest possible solution to this problem is an investment – investment in mobile document shredder companies. Mobile document shredding service is business to business service that nearly everyone is taking advantage of nowadays. However, not every shredding company is the key to safety and security. Not every shredding company offers reliable, professional, secure, and safe shredding services.

At Shred It For Less Irvine, the professional, reliable, trained, knowledgeable, and considerable staff is highly dedicated to provide highly professional and unbeatable services at an unbeatable price. The result of our mobile document shredding services exceeds the expectations of our clients. To know what other shredding services we provide to our clients and at what price, give us a call today (949) 468-0999.

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