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Mobile Shredding Services: What You Need to Know

The digital age has so much impact on the social and economic lives. It has brought many changes in our life’s daily aspects. But, still, to interact with customers, we need to use paper documents. Every interaction adds up another document to the large pile of documents. And that’s why shredding becomes a necessity.

There are different strict laws in place that require you to shred all your sensitive documents after a certain period. Secure Document Shredding is important to prevent any information leaks and identity theft, and the most convenient and precise way to do that is mobile shredding. Why so? Here are some important reasons you should know.

  • Productivity: Maintaining your company’s productivity isn’t easy, but hiring a third party to handle the shredding process can help. Why burden your staff with in-house shredding to shred documents using small shredders that cannot even handle high volumes when you can have mobile shredding services come to your door?
  • Convenience and compliance: Hiring a mobile shredding service is a great way to keep your compliant with state and federal regulations. Your documents will be shredded in front of you, and the shredded documents will be recycled.
  • Saving the environment: Paper, still, has an extreme use in daily business. This use can be effective if you hire mobile shredding services for shredding and recycling your documents. Mobile Shredding Services are found to be ten times more efficient than the old-fashioned way as advanced pieces of equipment inside shredding trucks can handle a huge volume of papers in a short period. Shredding along with recycling keeps landfills from not filling up by protecting more trees from being cut down.
  • Cost savings: If you think of doing the shredding by yourself, the cost involved can be higher. When you use a small office shredder, you not only pay for it, you pay for its direct electricity cost, its repair cost, and also disposal bag cost.

When you use a mobile shredding service, you save money on transportation, and you also get to know an exact volume of shredded stuff through video monitoring.

Document Shredding Services

  • Safety of sensitive information: Your information can be reconstructed, but not when you hire mobile shredding Your information is securely destroyed right in front of you when you hire mobile shredding services.
  • Third-party confirmation: Using Shred It For Less Irvine for your shredding needs serves as an independent confirmation that your documents are destroyed as per your company and federal’s privacy laws.

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