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Shred Connect’s Secure Document shredding is Easy and Convenient

Shred Connect has brought its top-class secure document shredding services to Irvine, CA. With our in-store and mobile shredding services, we look forward to meeting your document destruction needs professionally, offering you both convenience and discretion. It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual looking to clean up your house, a small business disposing of copies of financial forms that you’ve saved in electronic format or a large business that needs to get rid of files that have been piling up for years. We will be able to take care of all of your paper shredding needs quickly and affordably.

Secure Document Shredding Protects From Theft

For individuals, our shredding services are your first line of defense against identity theft. While many identity thieves have moved on to higher-tech means of accessing your sensitive information, even many of them rely on pieces of paper to get them started. Whether it’s a letter from the Social Security Administration, a monthly bill, a bank statement, or some other type of document, most pieces of paper that have any financial information at all will be enough to get experienced criminals started. Many people accuse others of paranoia for having their documents destroyed, asking, “Do you really think anyone will go through your trash?” It’s only when somebody actually steals their information that they fully appreciate just how important it is to use secure document shredding services rather than just ripping documents in half and throwing them in the trash.

While identity theft is a serious threat, there are plenty of other reasons for individuals to use Shred Connect for their secure document shredding services. One great example would be protecting their privacy. Personal letters, diaries, and even just written plans are often meant to be seen only by the person writing or receiving them. Similarly, things like legal documents and old tax returns often contain information that you don’t want to share with other people. Leaving them around the house, or even throwing them in the garbage, leaves open the possibility that friends, neighbors, or relatives will stumble upon them and learn more than you want them to know about what’s going on in your personal life. By making use of our secure document shredding services, you’ll never again have to worry about people you don’t want seeing your personal information getting access to it. And you’ll have much less clutter around your house.

For businesses, our secure document shredding services are something of an insurance policy and one that covers many different conditions. For starters, protecting private information, especially but not only the financial information, of clients, vendors, and partners is a sine qua non of all of your relationships. Failing to keep such information from getting into the wrong hands even once can ultimately doom a business. Lawsuits and legal action could easily result from such negligence, but even if there are no convictions or judgments, once word gets out that you are careless with the private information of others, it will be extremely difficult to regain their trust or that of any others.

Another reason that businesses would want to make use of our Irvine secure document shredding services is the need to protect information about business strategies and tactics. Your competitors can gain an advantage by getting access to your internal documents and learning more about things like your sourcing, operations, goods, and services. This information could enable them to exploit your weaknesses and force you to compete in ways that would put your business at risk. Simply put, knowledge is power, and allowing your competitors to know more about your business than you know about theirs can put you at a considerable disadvantage. Why take the risk of unnecessarily leaving old documents around the office and potentially having disgruntled employees share that information with your competitors or the media? It’s an unnecessary risk that carries potentially devastating consequences.

Let Us Handle Your Secure Document Shredding

Even with all of the potential negative consequences of not using secure document shredding, many people put off doing so because it’s not enjoyable and it doesn’t earn them money. It’s a necessary evil, a tedious task that people avoid as much as possible. For those in Irvine, though, Shred Connect’s shredding services have taken the hassle out of this important chore. Customers with small jobs, just a few items to a few boxes, will likely prefer using our storefront option. Simply bring your documents in and watch us destroy them quickly and painlessly, or just leave them with us and we’ll take care of it for you. Those with larger jobs can schedule an appointment for us to send one of our mobile shredding units to your home or office.

With options available to suit every need, why not use our secure document shredding services as your first line against privacy invasions and identity theft?

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